A downloadable collection for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I like making games. Sometimes i make them just for the sake of making them and to enjoy the process. Here are 6 things that are too small to be posted or sold on their own, but are still something I'm proud of and want to share with the world.

Includes versions for all major OS + sourcecode for godot projects

Chat Stashers:

RP as undercover agents transmitting secret messages in plain sight. Played in your groupchat of choice, preferably full of people who are not aware you & your pals are playing. Includes a rulebook and a spreadsheet to keep track of active stashes and score. Inspired by the Stashers Bible, a russian essay of tips & best practices on how to make deaddrops in an urban environment.

Bubble Herder:

This January i joined a 2 day hackathon. For that hackathon i made a bubble diagram maker where bubbles can push and pull on each other to organize themselves. It ended up getting first place. I quite like it myself as well, so it will likely be turned into a full scale project when i have enough free time to do that.

Planet Maker:

Procedural planet generator, looks pretty, sounds nice. You can make some dope wallpapers from it, or just sit and ponder the orb. Was an experiment in using bitwise XOR shader to make something that is neither intense nor ugly colored, grew a bit too big for my shader collection project.

Ladybug Window:

This autumn, on warm sunny days ladybugs would come and chill on my window at sunset. They were very calm and i enjoyed their presence. This vignette attempts to capture the vibe of those evenings for you and future me to enjoy.

Games fast:

I make a lot of small things from scratch all the time. This taught me some stuff. Wrote a condensed 3 page thing about how to make small things really fast. Idk if it's good advice, so don't be too mad if it doesn't work.

Desktop Incense Burner:

Love watching the incense smoke, it's got good vibes. I like things with good vibes, so i made a vignette that recreates that. Burns in real time, stick runs out after 10 ish minutes, relaunch application to reset it.

The pricing & its history:

In the spirit of doing weird wacky things for their own sake, as with the rest of the pack, the pricing was also wacky and utilized the Fibonacci sequence pricing (patent pending). It sold 16 numbered copies, each more expensive than the last, with #1 selling for 0.01$ and #16 selling for 9.87$

Nobody bought a new copy of the bundle for over 2 months as of 1650239400 and I don't expect that to change. This made me think that doing the following 2 things would be funny:

*you can probably find a way to get the files from another person or the internet 馃槈

Special thanks to Brin who made this page pretty

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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AuthorAsh K
GenreRole Playing
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