Compatible with Godot 3.2.2 

(probably versions after that one as well but you might need to tweak stuff)

Free for Patreon subscribers!


  • Crunches screen into a colour palette of your choice
    ( compatible with 1x LOSPEC palette format )
    ( noise is optional )
  • Persistent decal system allows ingame actions to have a lasting impact on the world without being performance intensive
    ( draws them onto a non updating texture )
  • Hitstop for punctuating intense actions
  • Invert&boost shader for showing images visible and contrasting against any background
  • Screen slicing and shattering separate the game screen into discrete pieces which continue to display the action
    ( good for intense damage to player or enemies )
    • speed at which shards recombine, how far they fly, how much they shake, etc. are tunable
  • 3 customizable and tunable screenshake effects
    • shiver - shakes the camera fast and dies down over time
      ( good for explosions, taking damage )
      • has 3 modes
        • randomized back&forth(used in demo)
        • triangular
        • golden ratio
      • decay speed can be tuned with 2 variables
    • slap - quickly moves the camera to the side and slowly returns to origin
      ( good for strong recoil, punctuating fast acceleration )
      • decay speed, acceleration, springiness and overshoot are tunable
      • can be used by setting slap position, speed, or both
    • breathing - erratically moves the camera around
      ( good for exhaustion, disorientation, can work like shiver when at high speeds )
      • uses a simplex noise which can be tuned
      • 2 modes
        • approach target amplitude
        • decrease amplitude overtime similar to shiver
  • example project implementing all of the above features in practice
  • if you need help implementing this system i am always ready to help 

Additional Info

Source code can be bought for 5$ here or by subbing to the 3$+ tier on my Patreon.
Can be claimed HERE.

Project uses Godot 3.2.2 Stable.

If you have questions/need help:

StatusIn development
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AuthorAsh K
Tags2D, Godot, intense, juicy, Pixel Art, sourcecode, Violent


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