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How to use ColorWrangler:

  • download the WranglerAddon.zip file with the big button above
  • unzip it in your Godot project folder
  • you should now have an addons folder with a ColorWrangler folder inside of it
  • open your Godot project
    • go to Project > Project Settings > Plugins
    • enable ColorWrangler
  • when pressing the large "+" button to add nodes ColorWrangler should show up as an option you can choose
  • adding it will create a TextureRect node with a material already applied
  • change the shader parameters of that material to change behaviour, use color reference if you want to fine tune the shaders behaviour
    • color_palette - needed to function, takes 1pixel tall strips of color as input, find examples at Lospec.com when downloading a palette using the PNG image (1x) option like this
    • use_color_reference - when turned on reads the next parameter, otherwise treats palette as both the palette and the reference
    • color_reference - accepts same palettes like the color_palette variable above. If use_color_reference is set to true - replaces pixels closest in color to the reference image with pixels from palette, otherwise replaces pixels with their closest option in palette.

Examples of behaviour described above:

Unmodified image

Color replaced with closest color from reference

Color replaced with closest color from palette

Color replaced with closest color from reference, displayed using palette

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AuthorAsh K
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