v0.2 Grainy look, colorblind friendliest mode and versions for all platforms


  • added colorblind friendliest mode, there's now two additional two-tone palettes that use patterns and textures to differentiate colors
  • added ability to toggle between grainy and smooth fade-out effects. I asked you on twitter what you prefer and the poll results were split in half. This should satisfy everyone.
    • grainy mode is locked to being always on if a fancy screenspace effect color palette requires discrete colors to operate
    • not all images have a fade out effect in them, so on those the choice is not present
  • added support for fancy color palettes like the 2 new ones added this week. They look interesting and are fun to make so i will likely add a lot more of them in the future
  • added downloadable versions for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android.
    • Version for iOS will be made if someone buys me a mac and an iphone to compile and test it on or if i get a publisher (the more likely scenario of the two)
  • fixed bug on touchscreen that made the game unplayable after solving a puzzle
  • added visible image names


worms in W&B

new menu, grainy one more line


loconundrum.x86_64 42 MB
Jul 26, 2021
loconundrum.exe 37 MB
Jul 26, 2021
loconundrum.zip 31 MB
Jul 26, 2021
loconundrum.apk 26 MB
Jul 26, 2021
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Jul 26, 2021

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