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What does it do

You have a bundle that contains games from different engines, html games, music, videos, Gameboy ROMs, and even a few tabletop games with pdf rule books? Or are you just trying to package some digital goodies with your game? No problem! With this easy to edit, free and opensource launcher you can present them all to the player through a single executable. Games are presented as a series of covers with the names of games and their creators. No more digging through dozens of downloaded folders and unpacking all of those games one by one, just download a single zip and run the exe. The launcher will take care of the rest.

The launcher will remain free, opensource and well documented forever. I'm not actively working on it but if you want to use it for something and find it lacking some features - let me know i'll try to add that.

Demonstration of this launcher running the example project available in the downloads.

Demonstration of this launcher configured to run the first issue of the Indiepocalypse zine.


What it CAN do:

  • run exe files
  • open files with default app (what happens when you double-click a file)
  • run a game file using an emulator
  • open folders
  • be used with only a controller
  • be edited by people who have zero Godot experience

What it CAN NOT do at the moment:

  • have sub menus
  • have multiple files per cover
  • show files in a view other than a carousel (coming soon!)
  • emulate non Gameboy consoles without prior modification (fast and easy to implement)


Q: some/all projects I want to run were not made in Godot, will it still work?
A: absolutely!

Q: I don't know how to code/use Godot, will I be able to make a launcher for my bundle?
A: Yes, you don't need to touch any code unless you want to add a new feature, everything is done by filling out fields and drag n dropping images. The documentation includes a detailed tutorial on how to set up Godot to work with this project.

Q: I want a feature to be added to the launcher, what should I do?

  • do it yourself or find someone who is willing to do it, bonus points if you submit a pull request on GitHub afterwards so that others can make use of your work
  • ask me to add a feature, I'll get to it when i can


WhoWhat did they do
Ash KDeveloped
BB TomboSounds
Default LabsCover image, banner and page background
Homie Boon
Background music
Gameboy demo in example project
Gameboy emulator in example project
Eye stock footage in example project


FileWhere to get it
Source code needed to make your own launcher
On GitHub (v1.1) or Download below (v1.0)
Tutorial and documentation on how to do that
On GitHub (v1.1) or Download below(v1.0)
Compiled example project you can test
Download below (v1.0)

bonus: sourcecode of a launcher for games from Sokpop Community Jam that has not been publicly released yet. Is basically the same thing as in other downloads except this one was tweaked a lot to make it fit the aesthetic.


You can modify and redistribute this project and use it commercially in paid projects. You can not sell the source code or its modifications, but you can release them for free. If you use it in your project/bundle please include a link to this page. I would also love to add your project to a collection of projects using this launcher, DM me if you want that.

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AuthorAsh K
Tagsbundle, Controller, Emulator, Game Boy, GitHub, Godot, launcher, Moddable, NES ROM, zine
InputsGamepad (any)


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compiled & assembled example project 93 MB
README.html - tutorial and project documentation 70 kB
source code - download this to make your launcher 16 MB
sokpop jam collection launcher sourcecode.zip 52 MB

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