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Cool game!!

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Did you get permission from the Nuclear Throne devs/are the shooting sounds under a Creative Commons license?

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Yes, both the sound designer who made them and one of the devlopers from Vlambeer allowed us to use them


feels sooooo good to multy-kill

Really cool game and those combos are really fun to pull off

A simple concept perfectly executed! Really, this game is all it needs to be and it's damn fun for it. My only complaint, which I understand why it is implemented the way it is, that your charge can't go over 10. It'd be awesome if you could save up more to clear the map with a burst or something. Other than that, Great work!

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Thanks! It's quite refreshing to see someone actually look into the game :) .

By the way, you actually can get more than 10, its just that your energy starts todecay so that you can stockpile huge ammounts of it.