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In this game you will control a team of 5 highly trained operators, each with its own abilities and nuances. Flanking your enemy is the only way to win, so get creative with how and when you move your team and use their abilities.  Use everyones skills to their maximum potential. From the wallbanging shotgunner, to a man with a riot shield, everyone will have to work together to achieve succes. The game is designed for a 1v1 battle, so grab a friend, and show them who's boss. You can play on a field made up of household objects laying nearby or draw a floorplan of a building on some paper to use as your battlegrounds. 

The game only requiresyou to print  1 page. You can find the rules to the game as well as the description of all characters HERE. I'd recommend you keep it open while playing.

P.S. all game elements are BW printer friendly.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAsh K
GenreSimulation, Strategy
TagsAbstract, Multiplayer, Print & Play, PvP, swat, Tabletop, Top down shooter, Versus


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