Expanded language support

What's new:

  • files are saved in .txt format by default now
  • you can still save them in an arbitrary format or with none at all if you want to
  • added support for pretty much all alphabets that exist around the world
    • we already had good support for Cyrillic, Latin Extended and Japanese character sets before this
    • now we support almost everything there is with a few rare exceptions you likely wont notice

Known issues:

  • we do not have Right to Left text support yet, but...
  • that is a feature that Godot 4.0 is said to have. It will release in the near future, we will add this feature once the new version of the engine is available
  • we are aware that copy-pasting text written from right to left results in it getting flipped, this is a problem that is common for many applications, we will try to fix this issue in the future when full RtoL support comes with Godot 4.0
  • some beefy characters like emoji and Egyptian hieroglyphics are only displayed on the Linux version, this is a bug in the engine and we have no fix for it at the moment


Windows 37 MB
Version 3 Apr 04, 2021
Linux 32bit 37 MB
Version 3 Apr 04, 2021
Linux 64bit 37 MB
Version 3 Apr 04, 2021
Version 3 Apr 04, 2021

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