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and since you are already reading this - here are some


  • 5% of people were at some point homeless
  • there were 35k homeless people on any given night in 2019 Canada
  • there are 26k beds across all homeless shelters in 2019 Canada
  • not all of those beds were full because homeless people are not evenly distributed across the country
  • since COVID:
    • fuckton of people lost their jobs and were evicted
    • shelters are spreading out the beds to promote social distancing and reduce risk of everyone getting infected, therefore further reducing their already limited capacity
  • most homeless people have no substance abuse problems
  • 25% of them have a job, but it doesn't pay enough to afford rent
  • there is literally no way to have a shower when you can't already afford a place to live. (some charitable people are trying to fix that)
  • racial minorities, LGBTQ people, and people with mental illnesses are over-represented in the homeless population
  • there used to be anti vagrancy laws that literally just made being homeless illegal in some places
  •  those laws were removed because they were kinda bad at helping people
  • now there are new anti vagrancy laws with much more vague language that literally do the same thing
  • These things are illegal in some places:
    • loitering
    • panhandling
    • obstructing (loitering 2)
    • salvaging
    • resting & sleeping in public
    • sheltering yourself from the elements
    • causing "disorder" 
  • most of these laws are very vague and its up to the people enforcing them to decide what is and what isn't illegal
  • did you know supermarkets throw away A LOT of food that is still edible?
  • did you know that they often just send it to a landfill and sometimes go as far as to prevent people from getting access to it?
  • some places are trying to make that practice illegal
  • there are only a few of those places in the world right now


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