Graphics and feels

Lets be honest, the previous menu placeholders sucked ass, so we changed em to something more fun to look at.

Also, after noticing a lack of blows and whistles that would trigger upon doing any standart action, we had to do something. From now on, the ground will crumble and fly off when you fall or jump and boomchick will explode into a cloud of  feathers upon death. Also the camera now moves when throwing and slapping against a wall. I'm planning on adding small dust clouds to the game as well as some effects for throwing stuff in the near future. 

Next up - Demo sample of all of the mechanics, just in time for this years Italent.

Files 55 MB
Nov 15, 2018 51 MB
Nov 15, 2018 44 MB
Nov 15, 2018 47 MB
Nov 15, 2018

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