Games Gathering Demo

Just finished the demo for the Games Gathering conference YAY!
This version adds:

  • Like 12 or 13 brand new levels in Hub1 and Hub2
  • Actual FX instead of old placeholders
  • Changed visuals for the laser turret, magnet and mine
  • A ton of smaller visual tweaks all around the game
  • Autoplay! Now pressing Q will gently transition you into the next level onthe map
  • Removed level end card(for now)
  • A Best time recording system (only for conferences/parties)

This is probably the last demo I'll be uplodaing on itch this year as it includes almost all mechanics worth showcasing and i have a lot of non game related work ahead. More levels and graphics/audio changes are coming. Full game coming whenever but probably somewhere in 2019.

Files 57 MB
Dec 06, 2018 53 MB
Dec 06, 2018 45 MB
Dec 06, 2018 48 MB
Dec 06, 2018

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