Steer the car with your mouse and deliver hot pelmeni and kvass while knocking down all the shit that stands in your way!

In this game you use only one axis of your mouse, to control your car and deliver as much snacks as you can in only one minute, also the entire game is only one screen in size.

All images of houses are from 2019 Severodonetsk as seen on google maps satellite view.

Game by
Lev Kamenskii
Maks Loboda

Music by

Donks by Uamee

Made with Godot

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsAsh K, Maxim Loboda
Tags2D, drifting, Driving, Explosions, hardbass, Parody, slav, trashcore


Downloadable version for windows 26 MB
Downloadable version for linux 32bit 28 MB
Downloadable version for linux 64bit 29 MB


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Милый донбасс

1077, that game makes a lot of fun tbh!

104 | BAM


My highscore is 963, the control is really fun when it works. I actually enjoyed trying to fit my car through tight spots to get the booze as fast as possible.

It's entertaining but the controls don't feel responsive

I guess one axis works. Visuals are awesome though.

I actually liked the control scheme and thought it was inovative for a mouse driving game. I had to reload the page a few times to get it to properly load and play

Hahahaha this was entertaining for a (only one) minute