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We're Snowbound. I forget our frequency.

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You are on frequency 86.7 MHz! Happy broadcasting!

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Oh, neat! Thank you!
I've been having a lot of fun watching messages come in, this is great.


Still a little buggy on the Mac app, the 1.1 update didnt help fix the bottom clipping textbox when imputing, and still cant rename radios on it. I dont know if this is just a problem with me or the mac file in general. But still a pretty good little widget :>
Mid-Sentence Update: crashed after 5 minutes of using it haha.

Oh no! What version of macOS are you on? I'm on 12 and it works fine for me :/
We'll be doing an update soon-ish tho cleaning some thigns up so hopefully that cleans the thing up.


the game is taking quite a lot of my screen space, i wish there is a resize feature. other than that, this is awesome!


он очень милый. жаль что невозможно писать сообщения на русском или на другом языке ...

Мне жаль это слышать...

вроде как дело в шрифте который используем для отображения, можно попробовать добавить фолбек с кирилицей и другими алфавитами если сообшения не будет перемалывать в какаху пересылка туда сюда тем методом который сейчас юзаем


Seems great so far! My only gripe is that I'd like a way to change your radio name, even with a limitation of doing so once per week.


I wish I could rename the radio :/



Really neat idea, i love having it sitting on my desktop and just randomly getting messages while i work.

A simple, cute idea

The only thing i would be wary of is it would be very easy for random people to start spamming all kinds of messed up shit and ruin the vibe, but i guess that's the risk of anything that lets strangers send messages.  


If you haven't already, you should check out Kind Words, a game cenetered on sending and receiving nice messages to strangers through the internet.  You get to do personalized requests if you have anything going on that you want some positivity on.  People can then reply specifically to that prompt.  You of course can also answer other people's requests, or not if you don't feel like it.  There's also the paper airplanes which are messages that you can send out completely randomly just to put a little light in a stranger's day.  You of course can also look at the random messages.

It has a surprisingly amazing community with really good moderation.  The art and music also create a great vibe.

Thanks for the recommendation, ill check it out 


very cute!


very nice! the only suggestion i have is that the drag/close icons have some kind of border or drop shadow to them so they remain visible on a white background.


Pretty neat! Only issue I’ve found is that it’s kinda hard to drag the bubble around, though it might be a Linux thing, idk. I click and drag on the crossed arrows, it doesn’t move until I drag pretty far away, and then it freaks out and starts moving all over the screen. But in the end I got it to where I wanted to put it, so I think I’m happy with it lol


I have the same issue as you on linux lol


This is honestly so cool <3


I love it a lot, I just wish you could send more than just one message per day. Other than that, I love it!


Really love this, have gotten some sweet and strange and fun messages today already! I had a lot of fun thinking on what to send out. I second user cratmang's comment; the transparent space around the radio bubble is in excess of what I would expect and blocks a lot of clicking behind it; not awful, but a lil inconvenient! A resize option would also be nice, but ofc is not necessary. Thanks for making this <3

I love it but i cant use google chrome full screen and still see it idk why


this is the cutest widget ever, love the concept and the execution.
say what are you using to store and redistribute the messages?
is it a centralized server you're hosting?


erm its one giant google form. dont tell google pls.



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seems great but i haven't figured out how to send a message yet :D

update: yeah now i know how to send a message and omg how amazing this is


Deleted 63 days ago

No entendi absolutamente nada pero esta bonito


Very cool concept! And the generative graphics are beautiful! Also yay Godot Engine :D I'm curious tho, in the screenshots it looks like the bubble is literally just floating there without a normal window border... which is awesome if true.... did you really do that with uncustomized Godot? How did you do it? 

On Linux the window management seems a bit crazy tho :D It's got a black box overhang on the bottom/right sides, and trying to move it causes a lot of flickering all over the place, like it's not really tracking my mouse cursor. 


oh lord youre the first one to mention that. are you on xwindow or wayland? we didnt really test linux so i have no clue why that is going on.

ash wrote their part of the devlog which explains this i just need ot write mine and you should be able to read how it was done there.

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Im using xwindow+kwin and it renders all good, but the movement button doesn't work consistently. It might be related to having multiple monitors because it flickers between them when i move it around (and doesn't match up quite with the mouse movement) but it is pretty and kewl. Only other thing is the text is pretty big and this message got cut off

I forgot to mention, using the OS-key+drag lets me move it around fine =3

Hi, linux user here. (Debian+Gnome / wayland) The rendering of the bubble is good but the moving cross doesn’t works properly : It’s hard to move the bubble, it doesn’t really follow the mouse when dragging. Good work on everything else. Love it.


yeaaaa, it does that on all OS sometimes i think? sometimes = 10% of the time, specifically when you are not looking


I do love this, but I have one glaring issue.

The window for radio bubble creates a huge transparent space below and to the right of the actual bubble, which prevents you from clicking on something behind it. Any chance you might be able to fix this?

Lol bruh this crashes so much

absolutely love this. really wish i can open and run this on my phone. thank you for making this!

Is the radio bubble intended to stay on top of all other windows? Playing on Linux.


its supposed to stay on top of things, is that not the case on linux? we couldn't really tested so we just yolo uploaded the build


It is, just checking it's intentional. Saw the word "desktop" in the description and wondered if that meant "the picture of godzilla with boobs that has all my shortcuts on it."
...Uh, I mean, the normal desktop image I have. Of a kitten. Yeah. My desktop is a kitten. Definitely.


I'm on Windows and it behaves exactly the same way. I think it's intentional.

yah, for mac it also does that. kinda wish it didn't.

Cool stuff, just wish I could send more stuff. Otherwise great.

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you can send a new one tomorrow :)

Ahhhhhh, that's cool

Wow, just noticed it was in the description, I'm dumb lol

Not bad.

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Downloaded radio bubble. Received a message: 

"the skeleton appears"


how do i change the name of my station?


officially you cant do that. In practice you can open explorer, type %appdata% then go to Godot > app_userdata > Radio Bubble, then delete what is in that folder. Upon launching the game it will ask you to enter a new station name.


this is an extremely cool aesthetic aaaa

What happenned to the Download?

are they not visible? I can see them in a private window without being logged in.

Yes, they are visible now. It must have been when you were  uploading them from free to pay what you want.

Thank you.

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are the messages supposed to change?

Because they aren't lol

Be patient, they will :)


you were actually right, i had the code that restarted the timer commented out. feel free to listen to a more diverse set of radio stations now :)

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Really cool idea!
Trying to run the Linux version it won't launch and tells me

Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?
If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension).

It works if I copy the .pck file from the Windows version into the folder though.


Woops I think I didnt include the pck in the linux zip. Ill reupload later.


Radio bubble - connecting people

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