TEXTREME is now opensource!

This editor is released under the MIT license


Feel free to alter it to your needs. New and updated versions will be published on the page if the contributors involved are ok with that.
Please note that this is a Godot project


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So, what can I code with this? Just GDscript, or can I use it outside of Godot for, say, JavaScript or C#?

i guess you can code absolutely anything with it. As of now, it doesnt have any in-built syntaxis(can be added if you really want to) or a compilator, so you can do whatever you want, from writing code in x86 assembly language to writing short stories or whatever you need to do.

Cool! Only just noticed this reply, sorry!

Hi, I'm trying to use this for unity, yet it keeps crashing

Hello, the reason why it kept crashing is because this is a Godot project. After looking through the page i realized this wasn't mentioned anywhere.  Also, I'm impressed it launched at all! 
I will not be porting it to Unity, however, i can explain how the trickiest part(locating the cursor on screen) works if you want to recreate it.